About Carly

Who are you?
I’m Carly, I’m 18 years old, a senior at Blacksburg High School and an avid follower of Jesus. Next year I’ll be at Virginia Tech where I plan to major in Human Development and minor in International Studies.

What do you like to do?
In my spare time I like to sing, write, hang out with my friends and watch every rom-com available.

What made you interested in missions?
I have always had a passion for children and I know that’s one of the spiritual gifts God gave me. In 11th grade I realized that there’s so many children out in the world who just need love, and I hope to show them God’s love through that. Last summer, I went to South Africa and completely fell in love with missions work.

Why Cambodia?
Cambodia has not been on my mind for years like Tessa, but since this is not a yearly trip for BCF, I hope to really learn what it’s like to be a full-time missionary – a career path that both me and Tessa hope to follow.

What are you most looking forward to?
Definitely meeting new people and having new experiences. I love to help others and I hope to help them in the best way I can: by introducing them to Jesus.


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