Our Mission

In June, Carly Woodward and Tessa Walsh will be traveling to Cambodia on a missions trip. While we are there we will be serving alongside of Mark and Susan Smith, full time missionaries partnered with InnerChange. This trip will be different than any short term missions [STM] trip that either of us have taken.  Most STM trips are focus on an event that happens because a team is coming. Such as a Vacation Bible School or a construction project.  While we are in Cambodia, we won’t be leading VBS, but rather serving alongside of Mark and Susan and their team.  We will be doing whatever we can to help and encourage them while simultaneously learning more about long term missions and what missionary life looks like on a daily basis.  There are opportunities to pray for the locals in their homes and for the local church. One great ministry, which we might find ourselves in most often, is the ministry of friendship; developing relationships with Cambodians and sharing in social activities with them. We will also be working with an organization called Treasure’s of the Heart, who employ Cambodians with AIDs and make things for tourists. Much of our ministry will be encouragement and prayer, but also include some hands on service.


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