Partner With Us!

We have to raise almost $6000 in five weeks! There are multiple ways you can partner with us financially:

  1. Partner with us by sending a tax-deductible gift to either Tessa or Carly. You can also drop a check made out to BCF in the offering box at church, or send it, to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, P.O. Box 813, Blacksburg, VA 24063.  The IRS requires that our names DO NOT appear anywhere on checks, so please write “Cambodia” in the memo line.
  2. Partner with us by donating by credit card through Go Fund Me.  The link is
  3. Purchase a T-shirt from us!  Each shirt is $20 and is made out of nice and soft material. We have to pre-order these, so let us know which color (blue or purple) and size you want.  For these you can pay in cash or check, but make the checks out to Tessa Walsh, as she will be the one paying and ordering them. Tessa Walsh Shirt4 Tessa Walsh Shirt5
  4. Purchase bracelets from us! We have partnered with Threads of Hope to sell bracelets that are made by families in the Philippines. Selling these bracelets is a source of income for these families; otherwise they would be prostitutes.  Threads of Hope get 50% of the total income and we get 50% towards Cambodia! The round bracelets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5.  The flat bracelets with or without a bead are 1 for $4 or 3 for $10. Let one of us know what you would like!


In addition to financial support, we also need prayer partners! Here are things that you can be praying for:

During the time before we leave…

  • Peace as we plan
  • Logistics would come together smoothly
  • Unity in decisions that have to be made
  • Communication across the globe and between each other
  • That we would trust in God 100%
  • Our hearts as we study and learn about cross-cultural ministry

*Updates will follow for prayer in country and after we come home*

Thank you for being a part of God’s work in our lives and in Cambodia! We can’t wait to share with you when we come back!



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